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​ Eric Brevig (born 1957) is a film director and visual effects supervisor known for his work in several major theatrical films and television shows. He was Visual Effects Supervisor and Second Unit Director on the 2001 Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay action drama Pearl Harbor. Since his film school days at UCLA Brevig had been fascinated with the potential of 3D for live-action movie production, and he learned everything he could about it. During the production of 1986's Captain EO short for the Disney theme parks he was substantially responsible for supervising the technical aspects of the 3D photography. After several second unit director's assignments in special effects-heavy films like Men in Black and Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, Brevig's previous 3D experience and expertise turned out to be the factor that helped him get his first full-blown director's job when he was offered the chance to direct the 2008 film Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D (a New Line Cinema release), the first narrative feature shot entirely in digital 3-D. He next directed Yogi Bear, another 3-D movie, for Warner Bros., and he is attached to direct a 3-D Korean War drama, 17 Days of Winter, about the 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir. 17 Days of Winter, expected to cost $80–100 million, is scheduled to shoot in Korea and New Zealand over the winter of 2010-2011 for 2012 release.


2003Making 'Signs' as Himself - Visual Effects Supervisor
2000Metamorphosis of 'Men in Black' as Himself
1999Wild Wild West: Evil Devices as Himself
1999It's a Whole New West: The Making of 'Wild, Wild West' as Self
1999From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic as Himself
1997The Making of Men in Black as Himself
1990The Making of 'Total Recall' as Himself

Other Roles

2019Doctor Sleep - Second Unit Director
2014The Maze Runner - Visual Effects Supervisor
2010Yogi Bear - Director
2008Journey to the Center of the Earth - Director
2008Journey to the Center of the Earth - Director
2005The Island - Visual Effects Supervisor
2004The Village - Visual Effects Supervisor
2004Twisted - Visual Effects Supervisor
2003The Hunted - Visual Effects Supervisor
2002Signs - Visual Effects Supervisor
2001Pearl Harbor - Visual Effects Supervisor
1999Wild Wild West - Visual Effects Supervisor
1998Snake Eyes - Visual Effects Supervisor
1997Men in Black - Second Unit Director
1997Men in Black - Visual Effects Supervisor
1990Total Recall - Visual Effects Supervisor
1982Vincent - Thanks

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