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Place of Birth Stung Treng, Cambodia
Birthday 1959-03-17
Also Known As Houi-kang Low
Ken Lo Wai-Kwong
Kwan Lee Ho
Low Houi-Kang
Low Houi Kang
Low Houl Kang
Lo Wai Ko
Lo Wai Kwong
Lowei Kwong
Ho Kwan Lee
Kenneth Lo
Wai Ko Lo
Wai-kwong Lo
Keneth Loui
Harold Low
Houi Kang Low
Houi-Kang Low
Hui Kang Low


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Kenneth Low Wai-kwong is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, and stuntman. He was a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team.


2019Operation Undercover 2: Poisonous Dragon
2019The Old Days Of Shanghai
2018Kung Fu Monster as The Woody Monk
2018Kung Fu League as Villain Kin
2018Agent Mr. Chan as Long
2017Kill Me Please
2017Paradox as Ban
2017Shock Wave as Coffee
2016Special Female Force as SDU leader
2016Operation Mekong as Xing Deng
2016House of Wolves as Chauffeur de Taxi
2015Robbery as Kwong
2015Kill Zone 2 as Wong Kwong
2015Who Am I 2015 as Mr. Bao
2015Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal
2015From Vegas to Macau II as Rymi
2013The White Storm as Bobby
2013The Constable as Dah Kin
2013The Four 2 as Duke Westgate
2013Special ID as Triad mahjong player
2013SDU: Sex Duties Unit as Wang Tao
20137 Assassins as Adjutant
2013Ip Man: The Final Fight as Wei Batian
2012Chinese Zodiac as Thai Pirate
2012Fairy Tale Killer as Old Guy
2010Little Big Soldier as Guard Yong
2010King of Triads as Hung
2009Shinjuku Incident as Little Tai
2008Legendary Assassin as Head of robbers
2008Nobody's Perfect as Mr ChipMunk/Thai Man
2008Run Papa Run as Kong
2008Triad Wars as Lau Kwok Wai / Wu
2007The Drummer as Long
2007It's a Wonderful Life
2007Invisible Target as Inspector Wong Kam Ming
2006My Wife Is a Gangster 3 as Yang
2006Lethal Ninja as Spray
2006Fatal Contact as Chan Sun
2006Rob-B-Hood as Baldie
2005Dragon Reloaded as Tiger
2005The Myth as Dragon
2005Into the Sun as Chen
2004New Police Story as Kwong
2003Unarm 72 Hours as Kwong
2002Shark Busters
2002Muscle Heat as Lee
2002Ultimate Fights from the Movies as John (Legend of Drunken Master) (archive footage)
2002Dead or Alive: Final as Gangster
2001Runaway as Tai
2000China Strike Force as Ken Low
2000The Teacher Without Chalk as Discipline Lo
2000Supercop.com as Ted
20002000 AD as Bobby
1999No Problem as Ken
1999The Untold Story III
1999The Tricky Master as Lon
1999A Man Called Hero as Luohan
1999Gen-X Cops as Inspector Wing
1999Jackie Chan: My Stunts as Himself
1999Gorgeous as Lo's Bodyguard
1998Rush Hour as Juntao's Man
1998The Group as Officer Lau
1998Portland Street Blues as Prince
1998Who Am I? as Tasek
1997Young and Dangerous 4 as Prince
1997Mahjong Dragon
1996Ah Kam as Ah Long
1996Police Story 4: First Strike as HK police officer
1996The Movie Story as Chun
1995Red Zone as Kwong
1995Thunderbolt as Kong
1995The Enforcer as Thug
1995Drugs Fighters
1995Teenage Master as Maître Tse
1994God of Gamblers' Return as Tao Kwun
1994Circus Kids as Lung
1994Rock on Fire as Tsubero / Icy's brother
1994King of the Sea as Po Ta
1994The Legend of Drunken Master as John
1993Boys Are Easy as Wild Dog
1993Future Cops as General
1993Crime Story as Ng Kwok-Yan / Wu Kuo Jen
1993Sex Flower
1993City Hunter as Chen Ta Wen
1992Naked Killer as Bee
1992Deadly Dream Woman as Lei Bao
1992Kickboxer's Tears as Li Lung
1992Cheetah on Fire as Mainland gang member
1992Fighting Fist as Chi Wang-Cheung
1992Revenge of Scar Face
1991Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues as Kuyama
1991The Tantana as Against-Nature Boy
1991Mission of Condor as Panther
1991The Holy Virgin Versus the Evil Dead as Moon monster
1991A Rascal's Tale
1991Operation Condor as Adolf's Guard #1
1991Crystal Hunt as Feng Li
1991Lucky Dragon
1990Lethal Panther as Kent
1990Point of No Return as Puma
1990Kawashima Yoshiko: The Last Princess of Manchuria as Tanaka's Assistant
1990Stage Door Johnny as Tong's Bodyguard
1990Widow Warriors
1990The Fortune Code as Japanese officer
1989Devil Hunters as Chor Biu
1989I am Sorry
1989Bloody Brotherhood
1989Ghost Ballroom as Condon
1988City Warriors
1988Final Justice as Kong
1988No Compromise as Kwong
1987Road Warriors as Insp. Rocky Lo
1987Project A: Part II as Brains
Beach Rescue Team

The Wall

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