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Place of Birth Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Birthday 1946-11-26
Also Known As Mark Lester


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Mark L. Lester is an American writer, producer, and director of action films. Following his first film, Twilight of the Mayas, Lester worked on films such as Stunts, Steel Arena, and Bobby Jo and the Outlaw. His next film Roller Boogie with Linda Blair was a modest success, which he built on with reasonably received exploitation thriller Class of 1984, and Stephen King's Firestarter. His biggest hit came in 1985 with Commando, an Arnold Schwarzenegger action film that grossed over $57 million worldwide. He also produced Armed & Dangerous starring Meg Ryan and John Candy. In 1989 he directed Class of 1999, a very loose science fiction sequel to Class of 1984. Mark Lester married Dana Dubovsky, who he now works with and had two children, Jason and Justin. He also founded American World Pictures, and independent production and distribution company. Recent films include The Base, an action film, the thrillers Blowback and Hitman's Run, and television film Pterodactyl (produced for the Sci Fi Channel). Other credits include Showdown in Little Tokyo starring Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee, Night of the Running Man, Extreme Justice, Misbegotten, The Ex, Double Take, and Truck Stop Women.


2019In Search of the Last Action Heroes as Himself
2009Teen Spirit: Teenagers and Hollywood as Himself

Other Roles

2019Sleeping with my Student - Producer
2018High Resolution - Producer
2014Dragons of Camelot - Director
2014Dragons of Camelot - Producer
2014Poseidon Rex - Director
2014Poseidon Rex - Producer
2014Poseidon Rex - Writer
2011Sand Sharks - Producer
2011Jabberwock Dragon Siege - Producer
2010Groupie - Director
2010Groupie - Executive Producer
2010Groupie - Producer
2007Lost Colony: The Legend of Roanoke - Producer
2005Pterodactyl - Director
2003Betrayal - Director
2003Betrayal - Producer
2003Stealing Candy - Director
2003White Rush - Director
2003White Rush - Producer
2000The Base 2: Guilty as Charged - Director
2000Sacrifice - Director
2000Sacrifice - Producer
2000Blowback - Director
2000Blowback - Producer
1999The Base - Director
1999The Base - Producer
1999Hitman's Run - Director
1998Misbegotten - Director
1998Double Take - Director
1997The Ex - Director
1996Public Enemies - Director
1995Night of the Running Man - Director
1995Night of the Running Man - Producer
1993Extreme Justice - Director
1991Showdown in Little Tokyo - Director
1991Showdown in Little Tokyo - Producer
1990Class of 1999 - Director
1990Class of 1999 - Producer
1990Class of 1999 - Story
1986Armed and Dangerous - Director
1985Commando - Director
1984Firestarter - Director
1982Class of 1984 - Director
1982Class of 1984 - Executive Producer
1982Class of 1984 - Screenplay
1979Roller Boogie - Director
1979Gold of the Amazon Women - Director
1977Stunts - Director
1976Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw - Director
1976Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw - Producer
1975White House Madness - Director
1975White House Madness - Producer
1974Truck Stop Women - Director
1974Truck Stop Women - Producer
1974Truck Stop Women - Screenplay
1973Steel Arena - Director
1973Steel Arena - Producer
1973Steel Arena - Writer
1971Tricia's Wedding - Producer

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