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Birthday 1951-05-22
Also Known As Zeshi Zheng
Kent Cheng Jak-Si
Jui Si Cheng
Juk-Si Cheng
Ken Cheng


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Kent Cheng Jak-si (Chinese: 鄭則士, born 22 May 1951) is a Hong Kong film and television actor. He is a two time recipient of the best actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.


2020Chasing the Dragon
2019Ip Man 4: The Finale as Bob
2019Guilt by Design as Liang Sir
2019The White Storm 2: Drug Lords as Yu Nam
2018The Leakers
2017Chasing the Dragon as Piggy
2015Ip Man 3 as Detectiu Po
2014Who Is Undercover
2011Sleepwalker as Eric's brother
2010Ip Man 2 as Fatso
2008Run Papa Run as Uncle Lone - Elder #2
2007Flash Point as Inspector Wong
2003The End of the Stumer as Captain Wong Nam
1997Mad Stylist
1996What a Wonderful World as Doctor
1996Ah Kam as Blackjack
1996The Log as Officer Gump
1996Wong Fei Hung Series : The Final Victory
1996Wong Fei Hung Series : The Ideal Century
1996Wong Fei Hung Series : The Headless General
1996Wong Fei Hung Series : The Suspicious Temple
1995Wong Fei Hung Series : The Eight Assassins
1995Heaven Can't Wait as Tsui Dai Bo
1995Those Were the Days... as Swindler Wa's father
1995Hong Kong Graffiti
1994S.D.U. - Mission in Mission as Officer Chin
1994Once Upon a Time in China V as "Porky" Lang
1994Mermaid Got Married as Principal
1994Beginner's Luck
1994Ancient Chinese Whorehouse as Kong
1994The Defender as Fat Po / Charlie Leung Kam Po
1994Let's Go Slam Dunk as Tin Yuen
1994Hero of Hong Kong 1949
1994Bloody Brothers as Yao Tai Chuan
1994The Most Wanted as Supt Cheng Ming Fen
1994Wonder Seven as Fatty
1994The Gods Must Be Funny in China
1994The Kung Fu Scholar as Fat Cat
1993A Roof with a View
1993Man of the Times
1993Kidnap of Wong Chak Fai as Officier Chung Wai Ching
1993Crime Story as Hung Ting-Bong
1993Lord Of East China Sea II as 黃全榮
1993Lord Of East China Sea as 黃全榮
1993Run and Kill as Cheung 'Fatty' Kau Ng
1992Lucky Encounter as Meng
1992The Twilight of the Forbidden City
1992Fun and Fury as Ma
1992Lethal Contact
1992Dr. Lamb as Fat Bing
1992Powerful Four as Ho Sum/Fatty B
1991Sex and Zen as Tian Can Zi / Tin Chan
1991Legend of the Brothers as Hoi
1991Once Upon a Time in China as Porky Wing
1991To Be Number One as Fat Kwan
1991Spiritual Trinity as Tien Kuei
1990Ghost Legend
1990Family Day as Fatty Chow Fok Si
1990The Spooky Family
1990The Fortune Code as Chocolate
1989Sentenced to Hang as Ma Yee-Charn
1989Run, Don't Walk as Sgt Leung
1989Mr. Sunshine as Mai-Bao
1989Vampire Buster as Cheung Sap Yat
1989Little Cop as Yi's butler
1989Mr. Smart as Smart
1988Return of the Lucky Stars as Sgt Cheng
1988The Beloved Son of God
1988The Diary of a Big Man as Police Inspector
1988Walk on Fire as Tang
1988Carry On Hotel as Mr. Lau
1988The Good, The Bad & The Beauty as Fatty
1988The Dragon Family as Uncle Po
1987You're My Destiny as Policeman [cameo]
1987Easy Money
1987Ninja, Phantom Heros U.S.A. as (archive footage)
1987Heartbeat 100 as Sergeant Chu
1987Vampire's Breakfast as Liao Chi-Piao / Fat Piao
1986A Hearty Response as Policeman outside bank
1986Lucky Stars Go Places as Fat Cat
1986Bionic Ninja as (archive footage)
1985Why Me? as Fat Cat
1985The Flying Mr. B as Zhu Yugan
1985Modern Detective
1985Cop Busters
1984Lifeline Express as Fatso Ng
1984Beloved Daddy
1984The Daring Kung Fu Refugee
1984Comedy as Fatso
1983The Turning Point
1983Oh, My Cops! as Sgt Porky
1983The Sensational Pair as Ko Kwai/Gao Kui
1983Mission to Kill
1983The Trail as Captain
1983The Accident as Fatty Cheng
1983Give me back
1982The Man from Vietnam
1982Torrid Wave
1982He Lives by Night
1981The Imp as Fatty
1981Mobfix Patrol as Fatso
1981The Club
1981The Emperor and His Brother as No. 8, Yang Seng Hip
1981Murderer Pursues as Uncle Su
1981The Mischievous Age as Male parent
1981Soul Ash
1981A Bride's Nightmare
1980The Beasts as Moe
1980Read Lips as Inspector
1980Our Darling Coach
1980The Informer
1980Every Man for Himself
1980The Saviour as Nineteen
1977The Dragon, The Odds

Other Roles

1994The Other Side of the Sea - Producer
1994Beginner's Luck - Producer
1994Beginner's Luck - Writer
1994Hero of Hong Kong 1949 - Producer
1993Ms Butterfly - Producer
1993Ms Butterfly - Writer
1992Lethal Contact - Director
1990Dragon in Jail - Director
1990Family Day - Screenplay
1990The Fortune Code - Director
1990The Fortune Code - Producer
1989Mr. Smart - Director
1988The Beloved Son of God - Producer
1987Heartbeat 100 - Director
1986United We Stand - Director
1986United We Stand - Story
1985Why Me? - Director
1985Why Me? - Screenplay
1984Beloved Daddy - Director

The Wall

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