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Place of Birth Worcestershire, England, UK
Birthday 1903-06-21
Death 1979-02-03


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1940Li'l Abner as Kitty Hoops
1940Colorado as Saloon Reader
1940Grand Ole Opry as Woman (uncredited)
1934Broadway Bill as Brooks' Phone Operator (uncredited)
1934Jane Eyre as Daisy
1933Goldie Gets Along as The Mayor's Secretary
1932Love Affair as Jim's Secretary (uncredited)
1931The Age for Love as Eleanor
1931Young as You Feel as Lemuel's Secretary
1931Never the Twain Shall Meet as Julia
1931Dracula as Maid
1930Extravagance as Mary
1930For the Love o' Lil as Chambermaid
1930Street of Chance as Miss Abrams
1929Fashions in Love as Miss Weller
1929My Lady's Past
1928Home, James as Iris Elliot
1928Beau Sabreur
1927The College Hero as Nellie Kelly
1926The Outsider as Pritchard
1925Greed as Selina
1925The Dancers as Pringle
1924Happiness as Jenny
1924Three Weeks as Isabella
1922Oliver Twist as Charlotte
1920The Branding Iron as Maude Upper

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