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Place of Birth Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada
Birthday 1954-08-16
Also Known As 詹姆斯·卡梅隆
เจมส์ แคเมรอน
제임스 캐머런
جيمس كاميرون
Джеймс Кэмерон
Джеймс Кемерон


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James Cameron was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, on August 16, 1954. He moved to the USA in 1971. The son of an engineer, he majored in physics at California State University but, after graduating, drove a truck to support his screen-writing ambition. He landed his first professional film job as art director, miniature-set builder, and process-projection supervisor on Roger Corman's Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) and debuted as a director with Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981) the following year. In 1984, he wrote and directed The Terminator (1984), a futuristic action-thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, and Linda Hamilton. It was a huge success. After this came a string of successful science-fiction action films such as Aliens (1986) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). Cameron is now one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood. He was formerly married to producer Gale Anne Hurd, who produced several of his films. He married Kathryn Bigelow in 1989.


2020Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy as Himself
2017Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron as Himself
2017T2: Reprogramming The Terminator as Himself
2017Score: A Film Music Documentary as Himself
2017Atlantis Rising as Himself
2016Eating You Alive as Himself
2014Deepsea Challenge as Himself
2014Mission Blue as Himself
2013Amazon Unknown as Himself
2013From Morf to Morphing: The Dawn of Digital Filmmaking as Self - Filmmaker
2012Reflections on Titanic as Himself
2012Side by Side as Himself
2012Titanic: 100 Years On as Himself
2012Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron as Himself
2011Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan as Himself
2011Hollywood between Paranoia and Sci-Fi: The Power of Myth as Himself
2010Capturing Avatar as Himself
2010A Message from Pandora as Himself
2010Avatar: Creating the World of Pandora as Himself
2006The Exodus Decoded as Narrator
2006Explorers: From The Titanic To The Moon as Himself
2005Last Mysteries Of The Titanic as Himself
2005Watch the Skies!: Science Fiction, the 1950s and Us as Himself
2005Aliens of the Deep as Himself
2004The Force Is with Them: The Legacy of Star Wars as Himself
2004The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing as Himself
2003Superior Firepower : Making 'Aliens' as Himself
2003Ghosts of the Abyss as Himself
2002Expedition : Bismarck as Himself
2002Iron and Beyond as Himself
2001Alien Evolution as Himself
20012001: The Making of a Myth as Himself
2000Duets as Karaoke singer (uncredited)
2000The Making of 'Terminator 2 3D' as Self
1999The Muse as James Cameron
1999From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic as Himself
1997Titanic as Steerage Dancer (uncredited)
1995Your Studio and You as Himself
1992The Making of 'The Terminator': A Retrospective as Himself
1985The Making of the Terminator as Himself
2nd Unit: Invisible Action Stars as Himself

Other Roles

2027Avatar 5 - Characters
2027Avatar 5 - Director
2027Avatar 5 - Producer
2027Avatar 5 - Writer
2025Avatar 4 - Characters
2025Avatar 4 - Director
2025Avatar 4 - Editor
2025Avatar 4 - Producer
2025Avatar 4 - Writer
2023Avatar 3 - Characters
2023Avatar 3 - Director
2023Avatar 3 - Editor
2023Avatar 3 - Producer
2023Avatar 3 - Writer
2021Avatar 2 - Characters
2021Avatar 2 - Director
2021Avatar 2 - Editor
2021Avatar 2 - Producer
2021Avatar 2 - Screenplay
2019Terminator: Dark Fate - Characters
2019Terminator: Dark Fate - Producer
2019Terminator: Dark Fate - Screenstory
2019The Game Changers - Executive Producer
2019Alita: Battle Angel - Producer
2019Alita: Battle Angel - Screenplay
2017Atlantis Rising - Executive Producer
2016Cirque du Soleil: Toruk - The First Flight - Co-Director
2016Cirque du Soleil: Toruk - The First Flight - Co-Producer
2015Beyond Glory - Executive Producer
2015Terminator Genisys - Characters
2014Deepsea Challenge - Producer
2013Gravity - Thanks
2012Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away - Producer
2012Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron - Executive Producer
2011Sanctum - Executive Producer
2011Sanctum - Presenter
2009Avatar - Director
2009Avatar - Editor
2009Avatar - Producer
2009Avatar - Writer
2008Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert - Thanks
2007The Lost Tomb Of Jesus - Executive Producer
2006The Exodus Decoded - Executive Producer
2006The Exodus Decoded - Production Director
2005Aliens of the Deep - Director
2004Crash - Production Assistant
2003Volcanoes of the Deep Sea - Executive Producer
2003Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - Characters
2003Ghosts of the Abyss - Director
2003Ghosts of the Abyss - Producer
2002Expedition : Bismarck - Director
2002Solaris - Producer
1997Titanic - Director
1997Titanic - Editor
1997Titanic - Producer
1997Titanic - Screenplay
1996T2-3D: Battle Across Time - Director
1995Strange Days - Producer
1995Strange Days - Screenplay
1995Strange Days - Story
1995Apollo 13 - Visual Effects Design Consultant
1994True Lies - Director
1994True Lies - Producer
1994True Lies - Screenplay
1991Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Director
1991Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Producer
1991Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Writer
1991Point Break - Producer
1989The Abyss - Director
1989The Abyss - Screenplay
1986Aliens - Director
1986Aliens - Screenplay
1986Aliens - Story
1985Rambo: First Blood Part II - Screenplay
1984The Terminator - Director
1984The Terminator - Writer
1982Android - Visual Effects Design Consultant
1982Piranha II: The Spawning - Director
1982Piranha II: The Spawning - Screenplay
1981Galaxy of Terror - Production Design
1981Galaxy of Terror - Second Unit
1981Escape from New York - Visual Effects Art Director
1980Battle Beyond the Stars - Art Direction
1980Battle Beyond the Stars - Visual Effects
1979Rock 'n' Roll High School - Production Assistant
1978Xenogenesis - Director
1978Xenogenesis - Production Design
1978Xenogenesis - Writer
Fantastic Voyage - Producer

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