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Place of Birth Hong Kong, British Crown Colony [now China]
Birthday 1948-01-28
Also Known As Bak-Ming Wong
Raymond Wong Pak-Ming
Wong Paak-Ming
Wong Baak-Woo
Hwang Bae-Ming
Wong Bak-Ming
Wong Pak-Ming
Raymond Wong Bak-Ming
Pak Ming Wong
Pak-Ming Wong


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Raymond Wong Pak-Ming is a Hong Kong actor, film director, producer, screenwriter and presenter. He is one of the most successful producers in Hong Kong cinema, having been one of the comedians to establish Cinema City Studios in 1980.


2020All’s Well End’s Well 2020
2014Kung Fu Angels as Nancy's father
2014Hello Babies as Lui Ming
2013Hotel Deluxe as Uncle
2012Love Is... Pyjamas as Hugo
2012All's Well, Ends Well as Richard
2011Magic to Win as Professor Hong
2011All's Well, Ends Well 2011 as Chan Kei-hap
2010All's Well Ends Well 2010 as Million Weng
2009All's Well, Ends Well 2009 as L
2007Dancing Lion as party guest
2000Winner Takes All as Father Wong
1999Fascination Amour as Jack
1998Troublesome Night 4 as Mr Wong
1997家有喜事 as Lo Leung
1996Banana Club as Mr Wong
1996Tri-Star as Superintendent Mai
1995Midnight Caller as Himself in Audience [cameo]
1994It's a Wonderful Life as Tam Kau Fu
1993Perfect Couples as Nick Toe Lo-Chi
1993Laughter Of Water Margins as Sung Kong
1993All's Well End's Well Too as Lam Ka Sing
1992All's Well, Ends Well as Shang Moon
1991Daddy, Father and Papa as Wong
1991The Banquet as Forty/Sei Sap
1991Beyond's Diary as Man in concert crowd [cameo]
1991Happy Ghost V as Happy Ghost / Magic
1991The Great Pretenders as Wong Seung Chin
1990Lethal Panther as Alan (as Raymond Wong)
1990Happy Ghost IV as Hong Sam Kwai / Chu Kam-Chun
1989How to Be a Millionaire as Wong Sheung
1989Mr. Coconut as Wong Ka-Fan
1988The Eighth Happiness as Fang Chien Hui
1987Goodbye Darling as Dai Luk Mao
1987Seven Years Itch as Willie Ng
1986True Colours as Pastor Robert
1986Happy Ghost III as Hong Sam-Kwai / Chu Kam-Chun
1985The Isle of Fantasy as Cannon Wong
1985Happy Ghost II as Sam Hong
1985Kung Hei Fat Choy as Grabbing Gold
1984The Occupant as Hansom Wong
1984The Happy Ghost as Happy Ghost, Stewart Pik / Chu Jin-Chun
1983Aces Go Places II as Priest
1983The Perfect Wife?! as Bluffer Wong
1982Till Death Do We Scare as Stewart Pik
1982Bu zhun diao tou
1982Aces Go Places as Priest
1981Chasing Girls as Car salesman [cameo]
1981All the Wrong Clues as Man firing machine gun in prologue

Other Roles

2020All’s Well End’s Well 2020 - Director
2019Ip Man 4: The Finale - Executive Producer
2019P Storm - Executive Producer
2018Master Z: Ip Man Legacy - Producer
2016S Storm - Producer
2016Bounty Hunters - Producer
2015Ip Man 3 - Producer
2015An Inspector Calls - Director
2015An Inspector Calls - Producer
2014Hello Babies - Producer
2013Baby Blues - Screenplay
2013Saving General Yang - Producer
2013Ip Man: The Final Fight - Producer
2012Love Is... Pyjamas - Producer
2012All's Well, Ends Well - Producer
2011Magic to Win - Producer
2011All's Well, Ends Well 2011 - Producer
2010All's Well Ends Well 2010 - Director
2010All's Well Ends Well 2010 - Producer
2008Ip Man - Producer
2005Seven Swords - Executive Producer
2002Nine Girls and a Ghost - Story
1999The Mirror - Screenplay
1997Final Justice - Music
199797 Aces Go Places - Producer
199797 Aces Go Places - Writer
1997家有喜事 - Producer
1997家有喜事 - Writer
1996Tri-Star - Producer
1995Legendary Couple - Producer
1995Fake Emperor - Producer
1995Fake Emperor - Screenplay
1995Midnight Caller - Director
1995Midnight Caller - Producer
1995Midnight Caller - Writer
1995The Chinese Feast - Producer
1994Now You See Me, Now You Don’t - Screenplay
1994Tears and Triumph - Producer
1994Tears and Triumph - Writer
1994Naughty Couple - Producer
1994I Wanna Be Your Man - Producer
1994I Will Wait for You - Producer
1994It's a Wonderful Life - Producer
1993Insanity - Writer
1993All's Well End's Well Too - Producer
1993All's Well End's Well Too - Screenplay
1992All's Well, Ends Well - Producer
1992All's Well, Ends Well - Writer
1991Happy Ghost V - Director
1991Happy Ghost V - Writer
1991Blue Lightning - Producer
1989A Killer's Blues - Producer
1989Mr. Coconut - Screenplay
1988Fatal Love - Producer
1988Fatal Love - Writer
1988The Eighth Happiness - Producer
1988The Eighth Happiness - Writer
1987Goodbye Darling - Director
1987Goodbye Darling - Producer
1987Goodbye Darling - Writer
1987Trouble Couples - Producer
1987Heartbeat 100 - Producer
1987Heartbeat 100 - Screenplay
1987Seven Years Itch - Screenplay
1987A Book of Heroes - Choreographer
1987A Book of Heroes - Producer
1986True Colours - Producer
1986True Colours - Screenplay
1986Happy Ghost III - Producer
1986Happy Ghost III - Writer
1986Abracadabra - Producer
1986Abracadabra - Screenplay
1985The Isle of Fantasy - Producer
1985The Isle of Fantasy - Writer
1985Why Me? - Screenplay
1985Happy Ghost II - Producer
1985Happy Ghost II - Writer
1985For Your Heart Only - Producer
1985Mummy Dearest - Screenplay
1985Love, Lone Flower - Presenter
1985Kung Hei Fat Choy - Producer
1985Run Tiger Run - Screenplay
1984Merry Christmas - Producer
1984The Happy Ghost - Producer
1984The Happy Ghost - Writer
1984Heaven Can Help - Producer
1984Heaven Can Help - Writer
1984Aces Go Places III: Our Man from Bond Street - Producer
1984Aces Go Places III: Our Man from Bond Street - Screenplay
1983Aces Go Places II - Producer
1983Aces Go Places II - Writer
1983The Perfect Wife?! - Co-Producer
1983The Perfect Wife?! - Screenplay
1983Play Catch - Screenplay
1983Kidnapped - Producer
1983Send in the Clowns - Production Supervisor
1983Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing? - Writer
1982Till Death Do We Scare - Co-Producer
1982Till Death Do We Scare - Screenplay
1982He Lives by Night - Co-Producer
1982Aces Go Places - Screenplay
1981Life After Life - Production Supervisor
1981Spooky Kookies - Screenplay
1981Chasing Girls - Screenplay
1981All the Wrong Clues - Screenplay
1981Beware Of Pickpockets - Screenplay
1980Crazy Crooks - Writer
1979The Odd Couple - Writer
1978For Whom to Be Murdered - Screenplay

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