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Place of Birth Hong Kong
Birthday 1956-07-23
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Also Known As La Mãng
Lo Mang
Johnson Law
Turbo Law
Ramone Law
Law Mong
Law Mon
Lo Mong
Law Kwan-Lam
Ramon Lo
Luo Mang
Monk Law
Law Monk
Law Meng


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Lo Mang (Chinese: 羅莽, born Lo Hin Lam on 23 July 1952) is a Hong Kong based veteran martial artist. Primarily known for starring in Shaw Brothers kung fu movies during the latter part of the 1970s and into the 1980s. He is a member of the famous ensemble known as the Venom Mob who were renowned for their martial arts and acting skills.


2019Ip Man 4: The Finale as Master Law
2019Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks as Himself
2018Made in Chinatown as Hung Phat
2018The Dark Soul as Uncle Lo
2017Vampire Cleanup Department as Tai Gau Keoi
2016Buddy Cops as Mr. Cool
2015Ip Man 3 as Mestre Law
2013The Grandmaster as Dark Spirit
2011Beach Spike as Uncle Tao
2010Gallants as Jade Kirin
2010Ip Man 2 as Master Law
200649 Days as Chun Bo
2004Three of a Kind as Lone's dad
2004Herbal Tea as Big Python
2004Protege de la Rose Noire as Mark
2003Diva: Ah Hey as Keung
2003I Want to Get Married as Master Lu
2003Anna in Kungfu-land as Ox
2001Hong Kong Superstars as Himself
1999The Masked Prosecutor as Kwong Chok Foon
1999Bullets Over Summer as Suspect under surveilliance
1998Sex and Zen III as Hung Chi
1998Severely Rape as Mr. Lee
1998Magnificent Team as Boss King
1996Ebola Syndrome as Kei, restaurant owner
1995Spike Drink Gang as Chan Chi Hung
1995The Eternal Evil of Asia as Taoist Priest
1995Mean Street Story as Echinus
1994Return to a Better Tomorrow as Black Ox
1992Hard Boiled as Ah Wah / Lonny
1988Chatter Street Killer as Crazy Piao
1987Magnificent Warriors as General Toga's henchman
1986Naughty Boys as Huo Chiang
1985Pursuit of a Killer as Ye Hong
1985Crazy Shaolin Disciples as Hong Si Guan
1985This Man Is Dangerous as Police Chief Luo
1984Secret Service of the Imperial Court as Zhao Buqun
1983Men from the Gutter as Sgt Zhao
1983The Bastard Swordsman as Kung Suen Wang
1983Fast Fingers as Captain Tie Li Wei
1982The 82 Tenants as Johnny
1982Human Lanterns as Kwai Sze Yin
1982Five Element Ninjas as Shi Shang
1982Clan Feuds as Yun Zheng
1982Hex After Hex as Tsang Ma Su
1981The Brave Archer 3 as Qiu Qian-ren
1981Lion vs. Lion as Ah Yue
1980Two Champions of Shaolin as Tung Chien-Chen
1980Hex vs. Witchcraft as Muscular Neighbor
1980The Rebel Intruders as Chi Chun-Peng
1980Heaven and Hell as Wei Han Ting
1979Ten Tigers of Kwangtung as Iron Fingers Chen Tie Fou
1979The Magnificent Ruffians as Guan Yun
1979The Daredevils as Yang Daying
1979Shaolin Rescuers as Chen A Jin
1979Life Gamble as Mo Jun-Feng
1979Kid with the Golden Arm as Boss 'Golden Arms'
1978Crippled Avengers as Blacksmith Wei Jia-Jie
1978Invincible Shaolin as Ho Ming Pao
1978The Five Venoms as Liang Shen, the Toad/Li Hao
1978The Brave Archer 2 as Master Kau Iron Palm
1977Chinatown Kid as Green Dragon
1977Soul Brothers of Kung Fu as (as Lun Kuan)
1977The Brave Archer as Han Bau-Jiu (3rd Weird 7)
1977The Naval Commandos as Song's Henchman

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