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Place of Birth Guangzhou, China
Birthday 1945-01-01
Also Known As Woo-ping Yuen
Yuen Wo-Ping
Yuen Wo Ping
Yuen Ho-Ping
Peace Yuen
Yuan Ta-Yean
Yuan Ta-Yen
Yuen Dai-Aan
Yuen Woo-Pang
Yuan Ho-Ping
Yuan Her-Ping
Yuan He-Ping
Ba Ye
Yuen Ta-Yen


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Yuen Woo-ping is a Chinese martial arts choreographer and film director, renowned as one of the most successful and influential figures in the world of Hong Kong action cinema. He is one of the inductees on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong. Yuen is also a son of Yuen Siu-tien, a renowned martial arts film actor.


2013The Grandmaster as Chan Wah-shun
2011The Story of Film: An Odyssey as Himself
2003Making 'Enter the Matrix' as Himself (as Yuen Wo Ping)
2003The Matrix Reloaded: Pre-Load as Himself
2001The Matrix Revisited as Kung Fu Choreographer
1999Making 'The Matrix' as Himself
1994Cinema of Vengeance as Himself (uncredited)
1992Gameboy Kids as Master Dragon
1992The Wicked City as Sergeant Kayama
1991The Banquet as Man at Dinner
1990My Hero as Yi
1989Just Heroes
1988Three Against the World as Chia Yi Chen in disguise
1988Tiger Cage as Master Eight
1987Eastern Condors as Yun, Yen-Hoy
1985Mismatched Couples as Mini
1984Merry Christmas as Paula's Cousin
1978Drunken Master as Man with Bucket of Greens
1978My Darling Gals
1976The Oily Maniac as Tin Choi's Thug / Road Worker / Policeman
1976Farewell to a Warrior as Soldier (Extra)
1975Super Inframan as Science Research Center's staff
1973Fist to Fist as [Extra]
1972Trilogy of Swordsmanship as 3) Soldier
1972The Lizard as Casino Thug
1972The Killer as Thug
1971The Duel
1971King Eagle as Lo Brothers' Thug
1969Redress as Extra
1968That Fiery Girl as Hulu Valley's bandit
1968Golden Swallow as Golden Dragon Five Heroes (in green)
1967The One-Armed Swordsman as Chi Student
1966The Magnificent Trio as Soldier
1965The Twin Swords as Red Lotus member
1965The Lotus Lamp as God of Thunder's fellow
1965Temple of the Red Lotus as Red Lotus member
1962Madam White Snake as Celestial spirit

Other Roles

2019Ip Man 4: The Finale - Action Director
2018Master Z: Ip Man Legacy - Director
2017The Thousand Faces of Dunjia - Director
2017Guardians of Martial Arts - Choreographer
2016Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny - Director
2013The Grandmaster - Martial Arts Choreographer
2010True Legend - Director
2008The Forbidden Kingdom - Executive Producer
2008The Forbidden Kingdom - Martial Arts Choreographer
2006The Banquet - Producer
2006Fearless - Martial Arts Choreographer
2003The Tai Chi Master - Director
1996Iron Monkey 2 - Martial Arts Choreographer
1996Tai Chi II - Director
1996Tai Chi II - Martial Arts Choreographer
1995Red Wolf - Director
1994Fire Dragon - Director
1994Wing Chun - Director
1994Wing Chun - Martial Arts Choreographer
1993Tai-Chi Master - Director
1993Fist of the Red Dragon - Director
1993Madam City Hunter - Executive Producer
1993Iron Monkey - Director
1993Last Hero in China - Martial Arts Choreographer
1991Tiger Cage 3 - Director
1990Tiger Cage II - Director
1989In the Line of Duty 4 - Director
1989In the Line of Duty 4 - Martial Arts Choreographer
1988Tiger Cage - Director
1986The Close Encounters of Vampire - Director
1985Mismatched Couples - Director
1984Drunken Tai Chi - Director
1983Shaolin Drunkard - Director
1983Shaolin Drunkard - Writer
1982The Miracle Fighters - Director
1982Legend of a Fighter - Director
1981Dreadnaught - Director
1980The Buddhist Fist - Director
1979The Magnificent Butcher - Director
1979The Magnificent Butcher - Martial Arts Choreographer
1979Dance of the Drunk Mantis - Director
1978Drunken Master - Director
1978Drunken Master - Writer
1978Snake in the Eagle's Shadow - Director
1978Snake in the Eagle's Shadow - Screenplay
1977The Invincible Armour - Action Director
1976Brotherhood - Choreographer
1975The Gambling Syndicate - Choreographer
1973Black Belt - Action Director
1973Fist to Fist - Martial Arts Choreographer
1973The Villains - Choreographer
1973Call to Arms - Martial Arts Choreographer
1972The Bloody Fists - Choreographer
Eight & a Half - Director
Septet: The Story Of Hong Kong - Director

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