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Birthday 1899-03-23
Death 1972-09-07


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Other Roles

1966The Pad and How to Use It - Editor
1966Madame X - Editor
1965The Art of Love - Editor
1964I'd Rather Be Rich - Editor
1964Bedtime Story - Editor
1964The Brass Bottle - Editor
1963The Thrill of It All - Editor
1963Tammy and the Doctor - Editor
1962If a Man Answers - Editor
1961Flower Drum Song - Editor
1961Back Street - Editor
1960Portrait in Black - Editor
1960The Leech Woman - Editor
1960Hell Bent for Leather - Editor
1959Pillow Talk - Editor
1959Imitation of Life - Editor
1958The Perfect Furlough - Editor
1958Once Upon a Horse... - Editor
1958This Happy Feeling - Editor
1958The Female Animal - Editor
1957My Man Godfrey - Editor
1957Joe Butterfly - Editor
1956Pillars of the Sky - Editor
1956I've Lived Before - Editor
1956Francis in the Haunted House - Editor
1956Toy Tiger - Editor
1956World in My Corner - Editor
1955Francis in the Navy - Editor
1955One Desire - Editor
1955Cult of the Cobra - Editor
1955The Man from Bitter Ridge - Editor
1955Smoke Signal - Editor
1954Sign of the Pagan - Editor
1954Magnificent Obsession - Editor
1954Taza, Son of Cochise - Editor
1953Back to God's Country - Editor
1953Francis Covers the Big Town - Editor
1953All I Desire - Editor
1953Take Me to Town - Editor
1953Column South - Editor
1953The Redhead from Wyoming - Editor
1952It Grows on Trees - Editor
1952Francis Goes to West Point - Editor
1952The Treasure of Lost Canyon - Editor
1952Finders Keepers - Editor
1951Bright Victory - Editor
1951Francis Goes to the Races - Editor
1951Apache Drums - Editor
1951Up Front - Editor
1950Woman in Hiding - Editor
1950Shakedown - Editor
1950Kansas Raiders - Editor
1950Louisa - Editor
1950One Way Street - Editor
1950Francis - Editor
1949The Gal Who Took the West - Editor
1949The Lady Gambles - Editor
1949The Life of Riley - Editor
1948Family Honeymoon - Editor
1948Kiss the Blood Off My Hands - Editor
1948Tap Roots - Editor
1948Another Part of the Forest - Editor
1947The Lost Moment - Editor
1947Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman - Editor
1946Canyon Passage - Editor
1946Night in Paradise - Editor
1945Sudan - Editor
1944Dead Man's Eyes - Editor
1944Trigger Trail - Editor
1944Moon Over Las Vegas - Editor
1944Weird Woman - Editor
1943Gung Ho! - Editor
1943The Mad Ghoul - Editor
1943The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler - Editor
1943So's Your Uncle - Editor
1943Two Tickets to London - Editor
1943Captive Wild Woman - Editor
1943Follow the Band - Editor
1943Shadow of a Doubt - Editor
1942The Mummy's Tomb - Editor
1942Night Monster - Editor
1942Private Buckaroo - Editor
1942Top Sergeant - Editor
1942The Mystery of Marie Roget - Editor
1942Butch Minds the Baby - Editor
1941Hellzapoppin' - Editor
1941Cracked Nuts - Editor
1941San Antonio Rose - Editor
1941The Man Who Lost Himself - Editor
1941Meet the Chump - Editor
1940One Night in the Tropics - Editor
1940Hired Wife - Editor
1940The Boys from Syracuse - Editor
1940Alias the Deacon - Editor
1939Destry Rides Again - Editor
1939When Tomorrow Comes - Editor
1937Some Blondes Are Dangerous - Director
1937The Lady Fights Back - Director
1937Breezing Home - Director
1937She's Dangerous - Director
1936Love Letters of a Star - Director
1936Love Letters of a Star - Screenplay
1936Two in a Crowd - Editor
1936Dracula's Daughter - Editor
1935Magnificent Obsession - Editor
1935Werewolf of London - Editor
1934Little Man, What Now? - Editor
1934I Like it That Way - Editor
1933Only Yesterday - Editor
1933Destination Unknown - Editor
1932Merry-Go-Round - Editor
1932Back Street - Editor
1932Stowaway - Editor
1932Murders in the Rue Morgue - Editor
1932The Mummy - Editor
1931Heaven on Earth - Editor
1931Three Rogues - Editor
1931Iron Man - Editor
1931Dracula - Editor
1930Outside the Law - Editor
1930New Movietone Follies of 1930 - Editor
1930All Quiet on the Western Front - Editor
1930Captain of the Guard - Editor
1929Shanghai Lady - Editor
1929One Hysterical Night - Editor

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