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Place of Birth Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Birthday 1880-07-12
Death 1962-10-06
Also Known As Charles Albert Browning, Jr.


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. Tod Browning (12 July 1880 – 6 October 1962) was an American motion picture actor, director and screenwriter. Browning's career spanned the silent and talkie eras. Best-known as the director of Dracula (1931), the cult classic Freaks (1932), and classic silent film collaborations with Lon Chaney, Browning directed many movies in a wide range of genres.


2016Tod Browning, le jeu des illusions
1964The Big Parade of Comedy
1931Dracula as Harbormaster (voice) (uncredited)
19251925 Studio Tour as Himself
1916Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages as Crook (uncredited)
1914Bill Joins the W.W.W.'s as James Hadley, the boss

Other Roles

2002London After Midnight - Story
1946Inside Job - Story
1939Miracles For Sale - Director
1936The Devil-Doll - Director
1936The Devil-Doll - Producer
1936The Devil-Doll - Screenstory
1935Mark of the Vampire - Director
1935Mark of the Vampire - Producer
1935Mark of the Vampire - Story
1933Fast Workers - Director
1933Fast Workers - Producer
1932Freaks - Director
1931Iron Man - Director
1931Iron Man - Producer
1931Dracula - Director
1931Dracula - Producer
1931Dracula - Writer
1930Outside the Law - Director
1930Outside the Law - Writer
1929The Thirteenth Chair - Director
1929The Thirteenth Chair - Producer
1929Where East Is East - Director
1929Where East Is East - Story
1928West of Zanzibar - Director
1928West of Zanzibar - Producer
1928The Big City - Director
1928The Big City - Story
1927London After Midnight - Director
1927London After Midnight - Producer
1927London After Midnight - Story
1927The Unknown - Director
1927The Unknown - Story
1927The Show - Director
1927The Show - Producer
1926The Road to Mandalay - Director
1926The Road to Mandalay - Story
1926The Blackbird - Director
1926The Blackbird - Story
1925The Mystic - Director
1925The Mystic - Story
1925Dollar Down - Director
1925The Unholy Three - Director
1925The Unholy Three - Producer
1923White Tiger - Director
1923White Tiger - Screenplay
1923The Day of Faith - Director
1923Drifting - Director
1922Under Two Flags - Director
1922Under Two Flags - Writer
1921Outside the Law - Director
1921Outside the Law - Screenplay
1921Outside the Law - Story
1920The Virgin of Stamboul - Director
1920The Virgin of Stamboul - Scenario Writer
1919The Wicked Darling - Director
1919A Petal on the Current - Director
1919The Exquisite Thief - Director
1918Set Free - Director
1918Set Free - Writer
1918The Brazen Beauty - Director
1918The Deciding Kiss - Director
1917Hands Up! - Director
1917A Love Sublime - Director
1917A Love Sublime - Writer
1916Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages - Screenplay
1916Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages - Second Assistant Director
1916The Mystery of the Leaping Fish - Writer
1916Sunshine dad - Screenplay

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