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Released 1979-12-25
Duration 90
Genres Action



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Chang Cheh directs this old school Shaw Brother produced kung fu yarn. The film opens with members of the Ten Tigers group getting attacked by a pair of mysterious assailants. The film then flashes back several years previous to focus on Ming partisan Chu (Ku Feng) who is on the run from Manchu forces. Local merchant and kung fu enthusiast Li Chen-chau (Ti Lung) gives the fugitive shelter in his pawnshop and quietly recruits some of his fellow martial master associates to help protect the lad. When Li's professional rival rats him out, Manchu official Liang (Johnny Wang Lung-wei) not only orchestras his army but fools a couple other kung fu masters including Beggar Su (Phillip Kwok Tsui) into helping his cause. After a heated battle, Li manages to convince Su to joining his cause, thus forming the Ten Tigers. The film then snaps back to the original storyline, where the identities of the mystery assailants are revealed.


Ti Lung
as Li Chen Chow
Alexander Fu Sheng
as Tam Ming
Sun Chien
as Wang Yin Lin
Lu Feng
as Su Hei Hu
Philip Kwok Chun-Fung
as Beggar Su Chan
Chiang Sheng
as Tzou Yu Sheng
Lo Meng
as Iron Fingers Chen Tie Fou
Yeung Hung
as Tieh Chow San
Ku Feng
as Chai min Yi / Chu Hon Ying
Wai Pak
as Wang Chi Ying
Chin Siu-Ho
as Lin Fu Shing


Chiang Hsing-Lung
Ni Kuang
Chang Cheh

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