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Released 1981-02-19
Genres Drama


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Fong, a fresh graduate and ardent teacher, starts her career in a secondary school. The school is full of problems: not only are students engaged in gambling and smoking, their vices are ignored by teachers who are too busily involved in stock market speculation to take any notice. In Fong's eyes, even the most enthusiastic teacher is no exception. Fong is disappointed but, against all the odds, she decides to remedy the situation. Hui Bun, who has been guilty of misbehaviour in school, tries to lure his girlfriend, Ng Ching-man, to work as a night club hostess. Another girl, Ho Ching-ching, who was originally a very good student, becomes desperate for money when she has to take up the responsibility of supporting her family. She must attend to urgent expenses, such as paying for a wheelchair for her handicapped sister, so she decides to work with Ng and another schoolgirl, Lo On-nay, as a night club hostess.


Alex Man Chi-Leung
as Teacher Chow
Nora Tsang Pui-Kei
as Fong Yin Ping
Elaine Chow Sau-Lan
as Ho Ching Ching
David Lau
as Yue Fei
Kent Cheng
as Male parent
Mark Cheung Lui
as Cheung Sir
Maria Chung Wai-Bing
as Female Parent


Yang Chuan
Lai Tat

The Wall

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