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⁣ Shape Your Career with Cosmetic Tattoo Training in Gold Coast

If you do not like to spend your life doing a fulltimejob or sit most of your days in front of a laptop, you might consider becoming a cosmetic tattoo artist. If you are interested in the world of permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics, if you love to make people feel more confident and positive about their appearances, consider getting cosmetic tattoo training in Gold coast.

The cosmetic industry is rising by leaps and bounds with no signs of slowing down. The demand for microblading in Brisbane and Gold Coast has risen over the past couple of years. In order to meet this increasing demand, more and more academies and cosmetic institutes are offering these courses to train inserted souls. Would you like to know more about microblading training courses in Brisbane and Gold Coast? Then, please read on.   

Why a career as permanent makeup artist is fruitful?

There are several advantages of picking up this highly niche and specialized course. First of all, as the profession is highly niche and the expertise required is highly specialized, there will be very few people out there who are good at this. Hence, the competition is less. For example, you will find loads of salons in Gold Coast, but only one or two licensed cosmetologist offering microblading in Gold Coast. As a result, permanent makeup artists or cosmetologists charge higher for their services, resulting in good incomes. 

Secondly, this profession, like other self-ownedbusinesses gives you the flexibility and joy of becoming your own boss. You don’t have to work under anyone and be independent.

Thirdly, they earn a good income. One should keep in mind that permanent and semi-permanent makeup artists normally perform a range of procedures, most popularly eyebrows, lips and eyeliners. According to estimates, the average salary lies between $55 thousands to $80 thousands annually. This estimate may vary greatly. However, what it important to see that even the lowest range is a very descent earning as per Australia standards. 

Know about eyebrow courses for beginners


The Beginners fundamental eyebrow courses include learning about Feather Touch and Ombre Brows. The class duration is normally one week. The course fees should include the feathering kit, needles, pigments, digital machine, lunch and refreshments.  The training for Combination Brows Gold Coast should be taken from accredited cosmetologist.


What will you learn at the end of the course?


You will learn how to do brow mapping, design a brow shape suited to the face for different clients with flawless consistency. You will learn by feature touch application by ink for hair stroke pattern. You will know how to create microblading stokes to imitate natural eyebrows. You will also learn to create powdery finish for different skin type – same result they get with makeup. You will be able to practice these methods on live models. You will work closely in a live clinic and learn its way of operations.


Who are suitable for the course?


It is suitable for those who are in the beauty industry or would like to opt for a more specialized field. Previous experience is not required, but you will learn quickly if you have brow shaping experience. Learn microblading eyebrows in Gold Coast from Beautiful Brow Boutique. It has expert professionals and certified cosmetologist from whom you can learn the best.



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