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                                521 5.2 1 service temporarily unavailable (AOL)

AOL the leading email service provider is known as for its fast and relevant updates. With AOL you can need no other application software to send messages or email.

AOL gives you to an additional choice of adding your other emails of other email service providers to add so that you can add more to the existing list and make your list more populated.

AOL is an organizational designed website that gives you the choice of selecting emails as per your choice and adding them to dedicated groups.

•    To get this particular error resolved you should follow the following steps. Or you can call AOL Email Customer Care to get dedicated help with our customer support staff

1)    Check that you're using a browser that works with AOL.

2)    Check your browser extensions or applications if they are conflicting with AOL.

3)    Clear your browser's cache & cookies.

4)    Check your AOL labs. If you have any labs turned on, try opening AOL email by visiting mail.aol.com

•    If that fixes the problem, disable labs one at a time and figure out which is causing the problem.

To disable labs:

1.    Open AOL.

2.    In the top right, click Settings.

3.    Click Settings.

4.    Click the Labs tab.

5.    Next, to any labs you have enabled, select Disable.

6.    At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

The reason why this might be happening is your settings might be changed to TLC(587).

•    To resolve it just type in the main settings of internet options check Security settings> changed from TLS(587) to SSL(465) > the issue is resolved.

If any you still have any confusion just give a call on AOL Email Technical Support Number and get your query resolved. AOL is known for its agile and courteous customer service and will always stand by you to resolve any issue you have 24/7.





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