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Forex Robot is the hottest topic among the Forex community these days. It has emerged as an easy income stream for tens of thousands of people! It thrives even in a turbulent economy. It is the reason why only 5% of Forex investors make real money while the rest fail miserably.

What is Forex Robot?

Forex Robot is a piece of software integrated with Forex trading strategy. Once the robot is installed on your computer and connected to a Forex broker who supports the same platform, you can perform trading activities from anywhere in the world: Vegas, Venice, or Venezuela.

Your Forex robot will decide for you when to buy or sell. You only need to push a button. If it is that easy to make money, everybody would be rich, right? No!

There are a hundred Forex robots out there. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are ugly. Selecting a Forex robot is no easy task.

All of the robot developers claim that you only need to push a button and your account will be flooded with cash automatically. Don't believe them! They also tell you not to learn anything. Their Forex robot has been back tested from 1-10 years to verify that it would yield a profit. Thus, you don't need to learn the trading strategies yourself. You don't need formal training of the Forex market. Just sit back and let a robot run the show. Don't believe them!

Some robots are very smart. They almost always make correct trading decisions for you. But never let your robot take control of the game without your participation. No software is foolproof. All robots are susceptible to errors. Read as much as you can. Get as much knowledge about the Forex market as possible.

You don't need to be as well-informed as someone with a B.A. in Finance or Economics. A robot is your assistant--a very smart assistant indeed. But you have to know what this smart assistant is doing. Learn the fundamentals of Forex, and you will be better equipped to make moolah with a Forex robot!

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