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Many of the Amazon echo users are unable to use their Echo show device to its maximum capabilities. So today we have a small guide to help users in getting the best out of their Echo show devices.

Initially, a user needs to setup the Amazon Echo show with their internet network so that it could become operational. Place the Echo show at one particular location which is like the heart of your house, so that you could operate it from any part of your home like kitchen, living room, etc. Once you attach the power supply with your Echo show, it will show up an on-screen guide. It will ask you to set a language in which you want to operate your Echo show device. Follow the on-screen instructions for connecting the device to your wireless network and sign in with your Amazon account. Remember you can also get Support for Amazon Echo if you face any issue while using it.

You should have the Alexa app for using the Echo Show and its available features. If you don’t have an Alexa app, then download it from the Google app store of your device by typing "Alexa app" in the search field. If you don’t have an app store, then just search the Alexa app on google using any of the browsers.

You can move across different Echo Show features through simple voice commands and by touching the icons available on the screen. If you want to open the home screen of your device, then you should Say, "Alexa, go Home" or swipe down the screen of your Echo Show and click on “Home.” To find the option for other settings, you should say “Alexa, open the settings menu” or swipe down the screen of Echo Show and choose the option for Settings. To navigate between the list you need to speak “Alexa, scroll down to the list” or use different up, down, right and left keys on the screen of your Echo show device. To pause a media file, you need to Say, "Alexa, Pause." To play the next song, you should say "Alexa play next." To play the last played song, you should say " Alexa play previous," To move back you should say "Alexa go back," and  to rewind the song one should say "Alexa, rewind." To fast forward a song, say "Alexa, forward” followed by the track number or time up to which you want to forward. Also, feel free to get Amazon Echo Support for using rest other features.

Judge the working of Echo Show with the help of its different color indications given by the light on it. If there is a Blue light lit up, it means that you Echo show is processing the requested task. When a Red light glows up, it means the microphone settings and camera feature is in disabled mode. An Orange light indicates that there is an internet connectivity issue going on with your Echo show device. Purple light means that the Do Not Disturb service is presently activated.

Users can change the word "wake" for using their Echo Show devices. They can change it to names like “Echo,” “Amazon,” and “Computer” depending on their preference. To change the wake word you should say, "Alexa, open the settings," or swipe down the screen of your Echo Show and click on Settings. Choose the option for “Device options” edit the Wake word to change it to another one.

You can enhance the features of your Alexa device by enabling more new features for it. The options for it may include some of the inbuilt and third-party features that are allowed on Echo show. To activate a skill, you should say, "Alexa, Enable (followed by a skill name) Skill" or activate it from the Alexa Skills store available on www.amazon.com. Also feel free to get Amazon Echo Help if ever you face any problem with any of your Echo devices.

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