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Cleveland-As the number of coronavirus cases diagnosed in the United States has grown, so has the demand for medical supplies for hospital employees.
The desperate declarations of government officials have been heard all over the country.
Federal and state health experts called for donating important medical supplies to regional hospitals.
"Gloves, surgical masks, N95 masks, face masks and robes," Dr. James Hill said.
An ICU nurse at a university hospital (she asked News 5 not to disclose her name) found an online list of the most popular products in northeastern Ohio.
He said: "Especially the N95 mask, which is a gas mask, can help our medical staff reduce the spread of COVID."
A Cleveland-based company called "Online Clearing Auction" buys unsold items from Amazon, Home Depot, and Overstock. Several masks are in stock.
Online customers bid up to $ 26 for these masks until ICU nurses encouraged the company's owners to donate the masks.
The online auction announcement for the N95 masks was deleted on Thursday afternoon, after the company's management sent the masks to the university hospital on Thursday afternoon.
Dr. Hill is excited about the donation.
Hill said: "It is very important that we not only do what we can to actively preserve our supplies, but also ask the community and other suppliers to provide them as best we can."
Hospitals across the country are asking for more community support.
Hill clearly recognized how necessary it was to protect equipment in the battle against the deadly poison gas 19.
Hill said: "A large number of nursing staff will interact with a critically ill patient. Therefore, the supply we have just received may allow one of our patients to support a class."
If you have the ability to distribute N95 masks, gloves and protective glasses, you can donate them to the nearest hospital.
The university hospital accepts donations in the lobby of each location.
Additional coronavirus information and resources:
Read our daily coronavirus live blog for the latest coronavirus updates and news.
Please click here to view a page where the resources include an overview of CDC COVID-19, details in Ohio, Governor Mike Dehuai a schedule of orders since the outbreak, the impact of coronavirus in northeast Ohio, and links to more information From the Ohio Department of Health, Kaihoga County Health Bureau, Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization.
People urgently pay attention to the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), especially N95 masks, to protect first-line medical personnel and emergency response personnel from virus infections.
The Battelle team designed and built the Battelle Intensive Care Decontamination System ? for decontamination of single-use N95 PPE, allowing the severe shortage of N95 PPE to be reused.
"To meet the needs of this country, all departments of our organization are extending working hours and working overtime on weekends," said Matthew Vaughan, President of Contract Research at Battelle. "We thank the medical system, federal and state officials for their cooperation in working together to help our frontline medical professionals protect the public."
For decades, Battle has served the US military to protect troops from chemical and biological hazards. The company operates Level 2 and Level 3 biosafety laboratories for studying live viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Battle also has a complete medical device development team that regularly cooperates with the FDA.
Bethel ccd
The purification system is based on research conducted by Bartle for the US Food and Drug Administration (Richter et al., 2016) in 2015 to evaluate the feasibility of purifying N95 masks in the event of a PPE shortage due to a pandemic. We are currently conducting research to verify that other equipment, such as goggles and masks, can be purified using this method.
Battelle ’s CCDSTM is being tested under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ’s (FDA) Emergency Use Permit (EUA) at Battelle ’s West Jefferson facility, and it can purify tens of thousands of masks daily using concentrated vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide (VPHP). Gas masks are exposed to verified concentration levels to remove biological contamination, including coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Battelle CCDSTM can disinfect the same mask 20 times without affecting the performance of the mask.
Karrie Branch, business line manager of CBRNE, said: "Our team is acting urgently to meet the needs of our local community." "They have also developed creative methods to deploy this scientific and technological solution more widely to New York and the United States. other areas."
Locally, the Ohio Health Center has been in deep communication with Battle for the logistics and operations of the purification system for the past two weeks https://www.maskwholesales.com/disposable-surgical-mask.html. We are purifying N95 protective equipment for Ohio Health and will begin processing N95 protective equipment for other major Ohio hospital systems.
"We are very encouraged by this new development, and we are proud to support Battle in this important work," said Chris Clinton, vice president of shared services at the Ohio Health Center. "This will have a major impact on helping caregivers get the supplies they need to maintain safety and provide emergency care when they are most needed."
It is hoped that the medical system using Battelle CCDSTM will collect the masks worn on a daily basis in accordance with approved procedures and send these masks to Battelle ’s West Jefferson campus. The PPE is marked with a barcode serial number and is used to track the chain of custody throughout the process. This ensures that the hospital system can retract its mask. Each respirator mask will mark the number of treatments. "

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