⁣Too nostalgic! Showa's heritage "Auto Miwa" can be purchased in the modern age that attracts attention again?

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⁣Too nostalgic! Showa's heritage

What kind of vehicle is a phantom auto three wheel now?

In the 1930s and 1950s, vehicles called "auto three-wheelers" ran through the city. Now, it is a charming vehicle with three tires, which can be seen in movies and animations on the theme of Showa.

Although it is rarely seen recently, its unique form is still receiving attention from some users for its high design. What kind of vehicle is an auto three wheel?

Auto tricycles are classified as lorries, unlike tricycles with three tires, which are said to be three-wheeled motorcycles.

In Japan, it appeared around 1917 before the war, and its demand for practical use increased among small and medium-sized businesses. It is also used as a military vehicle during the war, and is used in many industries as a convenient means of transportation even after the war.

However, due to the frequent occurrence of falls and the spread of four-wheeled vehicles, domestic motorcycle manufacturers have disappeared as Toyo Kogyo (now Mazda) withdrew from auto three-wheelers in 1974.


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