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Not only for summer camping trips but also for classic s' mores tips, people who want to bend 's' mores' will ask! All year long Find sweet treats inspired by this treat, including some cheesecake, snacks, bars, and more.

Smears Cream Burley

Bite into a beautiful some more that brings back sweet memories of the campfire. This classic for a classic feast on fall feasts is perfect for both young and old alike. ose Rose Denning, Overland Park, Kansas

Some more cheesecake

This sweet dessert is just as amazingly delicious as the campfire snacks. It's a great way to enjoy summer classics at any time of the year. Our 4-year-old daughter loves it so much that she requests it for her next birthday! ob Robin Andrews, Kerry, North Carolina

Some more Pops

My daughters and I came up with the idea when planning a candy party. They also make gifts as well as nurses, are perfect for potlucks, and go on sale quickly at a final sale. Lisa Lisa Habosh, Geneva, Illinois

Hearty S' more cookies

I can't count how many times I make these cookies. They are our favorite. I like to do all kinds of stuffwith my two daughters, and my husband loves to sample behavior. ar Carmen Ray, New Haven, Indiana

S'mores stuffed French toast

I was craving something sweet one morning, but there was something around the house. I had to get creative, and that was a happy result. Now I make it all the time. - Diana Palmer, Methworth Cave, Kentucky

Ginger soms

I've spent some years perfecting this recipe to get a soft, flavorful cookie while balancing the marshmallow and chocolate, so they don't overpower the cookie. I think I finally got it! Recently I added orange zest - it caters to other flavors. y Lance Benson, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Smear milk

When the cabin hits a fever, we prepare a beverage that tastes like sunscreen. Oven-made marshmallows and a blender let it air. - Sarah McKenna, Centennial, Colorado

Elsmere's Crescent Rolls

Here's how to score indoor smores: grab crescent flour and Nutella. Invite kids to help with this roll-up version of Campfire Classic. Home test kitchen taste


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