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Alliance Race
-The sacred relic of the Foxman now generates the correct amount of healing.
-Fixed an issue where Gnomes and Foxman could not use Ghost Flying Mounts in some areas when they died.
-Fixed a sound issue with Pandaren Death Knight sound.

-The Foxman can perform the Tirisfal Woodland mission "A Scarlet Crusader Letter" again.
-Players outside the phantom area when the team defeats Ysedra the Darkener can now get "Progress into the Dark" quest progress.
-Fixed an issue where Magni Bronzebeard could not appear correctly in the Hall of Origins.
-Now you can turn in the "Key of the Ancient Tomb" again.
-Titan Artifacts will now appear in the quest "Mining Artifacts" whether or not the raid progress goal is completed.
-Assault daily missions such as "The Sun King's Chosen" or "The Strong Among them" now require the killing of 3 rare enemies (was 4)
-Killing rare enemies now provides more raid progress.
-8.3 Daily missions do not enjoy the bonus of war mode for the time being. Necessary measures to quickly fix another bug. This bonus effect will be restored in the next few days and the probability of players getting Buy WOW Classic Gold will be increased. War mode and its bonus effects on other missions are not affected.

-Players who have spent long periods of time in the twisted sand illusions and Xiao Rangu will now find that their sanity is falling faster.
-Fixed an issue where 430 item levels would not be dropped after completing 2 targets and bosses in Spirit Illusion. Those who meet the conditions will get this item in the next illusion.

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