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In February 2020, World of Warcraft Classic will launch a brand new wave of content for gamers to take pleasure from. The Black Wing Lair, the brand new Level 50 quest and also the return from the Black Moon Rally will all land in World of Warcraft Classic at 6 PM EST on February 12. For those who want more on the raid and Molten Core on the end from the game, this is actually the update you've been waiting for. If you want to browse more complete content, check out the Blizzard Forum, high will be more detailed introduction.

World of Warcraft Classic February Update
Blackwing Lair-Home of Nefarian, one in the toughest dragons of most Azeroth, finally returns on the classic version of World of Warcraft games. Drake's Lair is positioned on the top of BlackRock. Players has decided to be able to fight because of their guild partners and have rich rewards and Buy WOW Classic Gold.

Blackwing Lair Tuning Mission-In order to go into raid, you have access to help from Blackwing Lair by completing the "Black Hand Command" mission. Since this mission recently been launched, players usually are not very knowledgeable about this. This quest requires someone to reach level 55 which enable it to be unlocked by defeating the Aegis Quartermaster on the BlackRock Tower in BlackRock. You need to head to your top on the BlackRock Tower and activate the Draxas brand close to the boss General Draxas. Once complete, it is possible to teleport to Blackwing's Lair with all the Orb of Command.

Level 50 Career Quests-When players reach level 50, they are going to receive a brand new quest line that may unlock one from the three powerful items created for your class. There will also be many Cheap WOW Classic Gold rewards. . You can find a total guide to all tasks here and learn how to locate them. It is highly recommended that you simply do these sunken temple missions if they are available, as the items gives you a huge boost of their time before you start attacking.

Timeless Essence-This project has finally entered its classic, allowing players to handle the boss's CEO Exo Tutus for the core of fusion. This is one on the most difficult bosses in the experience (after Ragnaros), and players need an entire team to kill him. EQ items can be found by defeating enemies in Alterac Valley, for instance General Frostwolf Drek'Thar.

Dark Moon Festival-The most magical time from the year will become on February 7th, along with the entire festival will become on February 10th.

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