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The main mental faculties are the control center on the Swarm. The two generals, Cargill and Tyklis, are constantly struggling to compete for that dominance on the subunit Zerg. Although the two have different tactics, despite who controls the army, Worm Nest will track it frantically. Leiden the Nether will be the ultimate leader on this area. The former guardians on the Titans fought bravely to save lots of the secret chamber in the heart, but were pulled into Neosor, becoming the victim of Enzos's whisper. Beware a hint of hope seemingly swallowed by fear, the previous Supreme Guardian will execute the orders with the ancient gods at any cost. Players ought to defeat these phones get rewards, WOW Classic Gold.



The third region of ​​Neorosa is termed "The Land of Terror", the location where the products in the curse of flesh and blood are gathered. Shadeha the innocent is truly one of Enzos' most terrible creations. It is tortured by endless hunger and thirst. Every time he eats, his body will likely be distorted and mutated. Dreagas can be a bunch of disgusting flesh-and-blood aggregates. She is such as a disgusting tumor, that could burst out without notice, spreading the dirty breath on the whole Azeroth. Ignos was defeated through the monsters inside Emerald Nightmare, but then it predicted the awakening of Neorosa, now it has been built into the city's architecture, spreading as being a latent infection from the dark empire.



The final section of ​​Neorosa is referred to as "Dream of Awakening". Here we will face Enzos. First, the foot men will combat Enzos's shell. The terrible body made from flesh and blood inside center of Neorosa. The mountains will be the heart on the Dark Empire, the throne of Enzos, plus the body with the deities. After going through many obstacles, they can finally face the truth body of Enzos the Corruptor. If he cannot win, everything we know is going to be reshaped as his eternal crazy portrait.


From Niorosa, we could see that the 8.3 version might be full of sincerity, and now we also notice that the Blizzard discount season this season has begun. It is considered that before and after the opening of 8.3, the "World of Warcraft" discount activities is going to be opened, discounted in the past years This season will give you the lowest annual half-year cards, season cards, zodiac mounts, along with the opportunity to draw a ghost tiger. This year's discount season ought not to be missed, why don't we look forward to it!


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