Plastic Labels

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Plastic Labels

In addition to the various products on the market, apart from the bar code, what other factors can we distinguish from? Of course, the most important thing is the label of the product. So why do products need to be labeled? What exactly does a label do?
The bar code of a product represents each product, and the label represents a product. First of all, labeling products not only allows customers to have a general understanding of the product in appearance, but also quickly obtains product usage and other information from the label text. Good plastic labels can also make customers remember a particular product . Secondly, product labels carry important information such as manufacturer information and product ingredients, so labeling products is obviously so important.
What does a label do?
1. Distinguish the characteristics of the product from the appearance and attract customers' attention.
2. Contains important information such as manufacturer, product composition, safety production certification, production date, etc., to provide customers with a selection reference when selecting products.
3. The bar code on the label represents the product price and identity of each product.
The finished label must be equipped with a good label printer to perfectly restore the designer's soul. The Telig JM280C color label printer can solve the problems of color small batch production, large batch variable data and RFID label printing.

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