⁣How to choose a mattress suitable for pregnant women?

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⁣How to choose a mattress suitable for pregnant women?

With the increasing demand of consumers, function mattress fabric are becoming more and more widely used.It needs to meet different people. Today, let's talk about how to choose a mattress fabric suitable for pregnant women?

  1. Consider the weight of the pregnant woman
    The weight of the pregnant woman determines what kind of mattress to buy. Generally, the heavier the person is, the harder the mattress is. This will provide a solid support for the body, reducing the pressure on the shoulders and hips. Typically, the soft and hard boundaries are 60 kg and 80 kg. Optional soft and medium-hard mattresses weighing less than 60 kg; medium-hard mattresses weighing between 60 kg and 80 kg; and hard mattresses weighing over 80 kg. Because no matter which weight, as long as the mattress is not suitable for soft and hard, it will cause damage to the spine.
    2. Carefully choose the mattress material
    (1) If the skin of pregnant women is prone to allergies or is prone to static electricity, then it is best to choose a complete coconut palm mattress, using high pressure compression technology to eliminate formaldehyde volatilization caused by glue adhesion. This zero formaldehyde high pressure compression technology is not only beneficial. The health of a pregnant woman is longer than that of a mattress that sticks to ordinary glue. Since the full coconut shell mattress is only compressed by natural coconut fiber, it has no spring structure and is relatively hard.
    (2) The pregnant woman is weak, and a 3cm thick latex mattress can be placed on the hard bed. This latex mattress has antibacterial and anti-caries properties, providing the most basic protection for pregnant women. The latex pad is thin and does not affect the turning of the pregnant woman, while ensuring the comfort of the mattress.

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