Introduction to the price and size of military mattresses⁣

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Introduction to the price and size of military mattresses⁣

There is a group of people who can't often reunite with their families. When we are lying in a comfortable bed, they are carrying out the mission of defending the country. I believe that everyone has their own feelings about the name of the military. Some people are awe, others are grateful, some are loved, and others will yearn for the spirit of the soldiers.

There are many military products on the market today, and they are loved by consumers. Today we will come together to find out what the military function mattress fabric is, and what the price and size of the mattress are.

1. Military mattress with hard cotton mattress

The military-only single mattress is now used by schools and hotels. It has a one-dollar height and is suitable as a school single mattress. The surface of the mattress is a high-density knitted breathable fabric with excellent air permeability. The fabric is treated with infrared rays, which can effectively slow down the sterilization and remove static electricity. Camouflage pattern, round your military dream. The inner natural coir and 0 formaldehyde elastic cotton padding, the mattress is soft and moderate, comfortable and breathable. The upscale and exquisite edge of the mattress reveals the exquisite beauty from the subtleties. Applicable to 0.9 m bed, reference price: 98 yuan.

2. Air mattress for military mattress

The inflatable military mattress is built with a high-rebound full-fat sponge. The skeleton has different thickness and has a large opening ratio, and the inflation is very fast. This military automatic air mattress is made of ABS impact resistant plastic plastic nozzle, 190T polyester taffeta with PVC comfort fabric, skin-friendly and comfortable. Whether it is camping outdoors or resting at home, this mattress can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground. The integrated pillow design has the advantages of convenient air cushion. It can be adjusted according to the needs of the height, thoughtful design, make your sleep more practical. health. The size is 190*130*3cm, reference price: 278 yuan.

3. Military mattress with moisture-proof mattress

This air mattress can be spliced or used separately. The bottom material is 190T polyester silk-spun composite PVC, and it is also equipped with the same color and waterproof coating fabric outer bag, which is convenient for carrying out and has a built-in high-rebound full-fat sponge. Inside the gas nozzle of the air mattress is an inflating valve. The method is to pinch the air nozzle, and the air valve is opened to blow the air. It is easy to use, light in overall quality, moisture-proof and comfortable, and is widely used for outdoor travel. Product size is 185*55*2.5cm, reference price: 139 yuan.

The above three kinds of military mattresses are widely used in the production of the market, and the military mattresses on the market generally have portability and superior flexibility and durability. Military mattresses are generally military green or camouflage, and are popular among consumers.

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