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⁣Shape characteristics of various fabrics

Function mattress fabric  of textiles are generally various in China, with thousands of species, which are developing rapidly throughout the country. 1. Soft fabrics Soft fabrics are generally light and thin, with a good drape, smooth lines and a natural stretch of clothing. Soft fabrics mainly include knitted fabrics and silk fabrics...

⁣Development and performance study of antibacterial woven...

Woven mattress fabric  is a new type of mattress fabric in the home textile industry. It is favored by people because of its soft touch, rich flower shape and excellent elasticity. When buying home textile products, people not only pay attention to the cost performance and appearance of the fabric, but also consider whether the fabric...

⁣Sandwich mattress fabric,walk into a healthy sleep

Made of 3D fiber fabric, 3D fiber fabric has six-sided breathable structural characteristics of upper and lower mesh and 3D material is flexible and comfortable. The environment is non-toxic, hygienic and dry, and it quickly dissipates heat and moisture, ensuring free circulation of air, allowing you to release stress during sleep and enjoy a...

⁣Some basic questions about mattress care

As time goes by, we tend to forget the mattress . Our body continues to use the mattress for seven or eight hours a day, which can absorb a lot of sweat and dead skin. Perhaps some of us will invest a lot of money on the mattress to ensure that we take care of the mattress so that they can give back to us health! From the basic...

⁣Rongli's sandwich fabric is highly sought after

xiaoshan rongli | Oct 19 '18 | Tags: sandwich fabric
Rongli introduces machine-woven sandwich fabric  from Germany, which are mainly used for mattresses, car covers, sportswear, bags, etc., which are strong and durable. The surface is mesh-like, with a dense mesh underneath, and the bedding makes the surface of the mesh not too deformed, which enhances the fastness and color of the...

⁣What are the characteristics of sandwich fabrics?

xiaoshan rongli | Oct 19 '18 | Tags: sandwich fabric
Sandwich fabric has been widely used in sports shoes, bags, seat covers and other fields. Sandwich fabric  have the following main features: 1: Good breathability and moderate adjustment.  The three-dimensional mesh structure makes it known as the mesh that will breathe. Compared to other flat fabrics, the sandwich...
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