⁣7 Tips for Dealing with Recruitment Agencies

Jan 1 | By Kyra Chawla

Almost every person has faced rejection for their dream job or for the jobs that they believed they were perfectly fit for. Nothing can be worse than reading that standard auto-rejection mail. Even if you have an excellent career history or have been a top performer in your college, this is a scenario most job-seekers have gone through. So what is the problem? Or a better question would be, where is the problem? How can you pull the attention of those recruitment agencies towards yourself? Well, well, well…. This discussion will simply tell you how.

How to make recruitment firms notice you?

Here are some amazing tips that will help you deal with the recruitment agencies and avoid pitfalls.

  • Make sure you respond quick

The early bird catches the worm not a wrong proverb after all. Time is precious for everyone. You never know what an important role time plays. It can make you lose a golden opportunity altogether. Make sure you respond quickly upon receiving calls or emails from recruitment agencies.

  • Ensure an outstanding CV

Recruitment agencies receive thousands of CVs each day. Make sure your CV is good enough to stand out and be noticed. Pay attention to every minute detail while making your CV. Make sure it is well-structured and presentable. Your CV will speak on your behalf. So prepare it to deliver exactly what you would want to deliver when communicating in-person. Talking to Recruitment Consultant Leicester can help you design a great CV.

  • Be honest

We all have learnt since our school days that honesty is the best policy. Well, that holds good in every situation. Make sure the grades, marks, experiences, employment dates, projects, achievements, awards, and every information that you write about yourself in your CV is true to the best of your knowledge and understanding. Inconsistencies and false information that would be picked by the employer will spoil the reputation of the recruitment agency. As a result, the agency would barely have any trust in you to put you for any future vacancy.

  • Know which role you want

Now, this is very important. Analyze yourself. Try and know your goals, objectives, and wants. Find out what can give you that job satisfaction. Be sure which role can be right for you and help you to grow and explore your skills. Applying for the right job will give you confidence and increase your chances of getting selected and hired. Getting pressurized into going for random roles will just make you desperate and lower your confidence.

Moreover, it will unnecessarily waste your time as well as the time of the people associated with you in the process, which includes the recruitment agency and the employer. Apart from that, your application for that role may waste the chances of another potential candidate for whom that particular role would be the right option. Recruitment consultant Leicester can assist you in figuring out the role that will best suit you.

  • Ensure your application is more like an answer paper

When you apply for a particular job on an online platform, make sure that your application is like an answer paper. Confused?? Let’s discuss elaborately. When you write an application, consider writing it in a style and tone that answers the job advertisement of the recruitment agency.

Tell the agency that your candidature for the job suits the requirement accurately. Your application should be convincing enough for the recruitment agency to respond to it. It should compel the agency to call or mail you immediately upon coming across it. You can take help from recruitment consultant Leicester to get tips for writing the perfect job application.

  • Proudly speak about yourself

There is sometimes no harm in singing your praises. The recruitment companies also appreciate candidates who apply for the roles that go well with their skill set, achievements, and previous job experience. Consider tailoring your CV according to the job description you are applying for. Your bottom line should be selling your CV. Give a feeling to the recruitment agency that you are the obvious best choice for the concerned role.

  • Be sure of career changes

In case you are seeking a job that is going to bring a change in your career, the just be conscious about it before applying for it. Be sure enough about the challenges and surprises it will bring in your way. Make yourself ready to accept those challenges and get prepared accordingly. The reason behind this is that if you are not well convinced about your plans and choices, you can never persuade your recruitment agency. Recruitment consultant Leicester can help you realize your career objectives and set realistic goals

You need to be very careful and consider the points mentioned above while applying for a job. Both your application and your CV need to sound convincing and seem persuasive. Only then you can get your recruitment agency to notice you, respond to your candidature, and put you for job vacancies. You can take help from recruitment consultant Leicester for any career-related assistance.

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