⁣Luminometer PD-30

Nov 21 '18 | By Klaus Rock

Measurement of the hygiene status in seconds! On-site detection of microorganisms or organic residues using unique patented ATP and AMP measurement.

With the portable, easy-to-use Lumitester, up to 2000 hygiene control measurements can be performed, which can then be saved and transferred to your own PC. In a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel can further process the data from the Lumitester. The measurements with the Lumitester are carried out with the specially available ATP test tubes LuciPac Pen. With the swab contained in the tube, the surface is sampled. The swab is then pressed all the way down into the tube, whereby it comes into contact with the reaction liquid and the actual reagent. By gentle shaking, the reaction liquid collects in the reaction chamber of the tube. The entire LuciPac pen is then inserted into the measuring chamber of the Lumitester PD-30. Then the measurement is started. After 10 seconds, the measurement result is displayed in RLU (Relative Light Units) on the display of the Lumitester. The Lumitester PD-30 using the associated LuciPac Pen, allows a quick detection of food or microbiological residues on all surfaces in contact with the product as an effectiveness test of cleaning and disinfection measures. Quantitative determination of intracellular and extracellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and adenosine monophosphate (AMP) is performed in the Lumitester PD-30 Portable Luminometer. The Lumitester PD-30 system with LuciPac Pen not only measures the amount of ATP present but is also able to capture the much more stable AMP through a reaction-integrated AMP recycling system. This significantly increases the sensitivity of the measurement, especially in production areas where already highly processed food is processed further.





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