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Aug 6 '18 | By Klaus Rock

What are your upcoming plans to improve the performance of your company/business?
Do you plan on raising the productivity and standards of your company?
Is getting ahead of the market competition on your mind?

If yes, then you need to have a solid team of hardworking professionals by your side. Finding a set of individuals who
have mastered the best skills and are ready to take up the challenges of the modern
world ain't an easy task. Well to help you with this ultimately important task of
recruiting the best candidates, I am here to help. This year over 1400 professionals
spread globally have shared their predictions, and fore coming challenges they see in
a report discussing the recruitment trends. This article will provide you with some
of the most useful takeaway messages for charging up your  Recruitment Consultants for Dubai.

So let's begin -

1. Make a list of job positions with their appropriate descriptions:

Making a simple list consisting of the job position with all the associated information of the linked project, the work description and what is expected from the candidate can help you draw the best and most appropriate candidates for the job. As soon as the required details pertaining to the job are clearly defined, the next step involves drafting a tempting and substantial proposition for attracting the prospective passive employees. You can put up the highlights of these propositions on the prominent social networking sites, e.g. reach out to the passive employees via Linkedin etc.     A key to successful recruitment lies in the fact that recruitment is actually a 2-way process. On one hand, you are looking for the best candidate suite for your company, whereas on the other hand, employees have their own expectations from their workplace, thus satisfying them both and reaching a sweet spot in between is the utmost important task recruiters gotta achieve.

2. Use Kanban Boards:

When there are multiple projects functioning parallelly in the same company, it becomes difficult to keep a track of job positions that require hiring. To monitor the different job positions available in your company and to track the improvements, one of the most effective solutions is using a Kanban Board. This board will help you monitor the current status of the job positions available parallelly.

3. Never neglect your placed candidates:

The most important goal of successful Public Sector Recruitment  is hiring the best quality candidates. Finding such candidates is never an easy task, there are multiple places you can look for such candidates, you need not always apply your resources to find the new ones, instead, the connections of your previously placed employees can be of great help. Remeber that the placed candidates are the leading source for referrals for the new talent out there!

4. Use automation and related developing technologies!

In today's world of technology, spending your resources and time on tasks that can be easily automated and done digitally is a waste of potential! The companies worldwide are now adopting taking a more digital approach in their hiring process, from online screening tests to Skype interviews, the technology is becoming an integral part of the recruitment process. Using automation can help you accelerate the placement process. Figures show that nearly 40% of the companies are not currently using the automation processes, thus using them you can get ahead of the budding competition and use the time saved to engage in more meaningful interactions with the candidates! Digital platforms can help you track time, attendance and set dates for fruitful collaborations etc. You can start by adopting automation for the light tasks like introducing a digital HR, that assists you in setting timings for recruitment and necessary collaborations, keep the record of the job positions available and their respective descriptions etc.

5. Adopt convenient communication strategies:

When looking for a way to reach out to your prospective candidates, then what is better than a way convenient to both of you like the modern day WhatsApp, or texting via SMS. Recruitment agencies these days are increasingly using the WhatsApp texting services even over emails. The current figures show that about sixty percent of the hiring professionals use texting as their most sought way of communicating these days. A number which will increase in the upcoming years. With the increasing advancements in technology and nearly every individual being assisted with smartphones, no doubt texting is proving itself to be a better way of communication, a way within the reach of fingertips. Conversations over mobile phones even help you pay more attention to the desired candidates, making them feel valuable is a much more easy task this way.
Thus adopting similar strategies can boost up your recruitment figures and can smooth down this ultra-tough path of picking up the best from the masses!

Author Bio:

Kyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alliancerecruitmentagency/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/career_alliance




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