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bin Jan 3


5, initiative sawn timber exports quota quantity Amount of initial 2017 quota with amount of quota of sawn timber export was a foundation 2016, undertake adjustment by thedecking cost per square foot following circumstance: (one) quota utilization rate is more than the enterprise of 90% , move on 10% ; (2) quota utilization rate is maintained in the enterprise of 80-90% changeless; (3) quota utilization rate is in the enterprise of 50-80% ,

reduce 10% ; (4) utilization rate of 2016 year quota is less than be equal to the enterprise of 50% , initial quota amount is 0, do not accept 2017 year sawn timber to export cleaning vinyl fence white quota to apply for again; (5) new application enterprise: Initiative sawn timber exports quota 100 stere. There is outstanding achievement before 2016,

but the company that exported quota without 2x4 white composite sleeve application sawn timber 2016 is dealt with according to new company. 6, distribute kind (one) group by group make known to lower levels. According to the enterprise that accords with a condition sawn timber carried out circumstance make known to lower levels actually what export quota 2016 the first batch of sawn timber exported quota quantity 2017; (2) increase adjust. composite living room floor According to the enterprise actual outcome circumstance,