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hoping to buy wallboard for everyone to help. More building materials knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Many years ago, in the home decoration, dado is very popular, and now gradually replace the dado wall panels such decorative materials. Before installing the siding panel, you should first design the size of the sub-block. Here we will find out the dimensions

of the siding panel and the installation precautions. 1, the size of the wall skirting Siding is based on wood as a substrate, the surface after processing, decorative effect is very good, it is more than 1 meter in height. This decorative material is more applicable in Western countries, while in China the building height is generally about 3 meters, and some even shorter, so if installed on the wall of about 1 meter, it will

make people feel depressed. In general, the thickness of the wallboard in several forms, the thinnest 18mm, there are 20mm; thick 22mm. When the wallboard is installed, the height difference of the panel surface should be less than 0.5mm, the width of the joint gap between the panels should be uniform, the size deviation should not be larger than 2mm, the deviation of the diagonal length of the single panel is

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