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range that enters consumer; Meanwhile, as man-made board workmanship is ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, each function of man-made board dresses to exterior wood panels pretoria solid board stage by stage, "Board type furniture " welcome rate is higher and higher also. At this late hour, "Board type furniture " rip already went " low end " , " quality is poor " label, make the mainstream trend that furniture consumes. Man-made

board sticks surface company: closeout deck rail Mongolia Industrial dimensions is lesser, the service is worth to promote a product to add originally Industry of paper of our country adornment starts later, manufacturing company throws low, dimensions generally small, the industry is spent centrally low. According to statistic, our country has adornment paper to produce business at present many 100,pressure treated tongue and grooved pine flooring but year of scale of production of major

company in 500 tons the following, produce per year 2000 tons of above do not exceed 10. At present A appear on the market in the company only emperor Long Xincai composite decking heat forming kit decorates the enterprise that stick a face, income was not worth 900 million yuan 2015, city is occupied rate maintain in 10% right-and-left levels. Downstream demand dilate is driving, comparative abroad still has growth space. Floor of wood of our country