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The New Year is all about reinventing yourself and placing dreams that you wish to gain. As one manner to reinvent yourself, many human beings like to make cosmetic modifications to their appearance by using lightening their hair shade or sporting colored contact lenses. As an amusing way to trade up your eye color, colored contact lenses are popular among every age group. However, did you realize that colored touch lenses can cause blindness or eye injuries like ulcers? Read directly to examine more.

No Prescription Necessary:

One of the matters that human beings love about colored touch lenses is that you should purchase them on-line without a prescription. Although that problem-loose issue can be engaging, not having a prescription ought to harm your eyes. 

 When you come into see Lewis Hamilton for contact lenses he'll behavior a thorough eye exam earlier than supplying you with the right prescription. Remember that without a prescription; the lenses can purpose everlasting eye damage this is irreversible.

They May Not Fit:

Another issue that human beings like about shopping for colored contacts online are that they are available in a “one-length-fits-all” option, but this option doesn’t exist, it’s just an advertising ploy. Everyone has distinctive formed eyes which might be diverse sizes. As such, your touch lenses want to be sized to suit your eye efficiently. If your lenses are too massive, they are able to scratch your cornea and motive infections, or worse, ulcers.

You Don’t Know the Seller:

When you purchase your touch lenses from Lewis Hamilton, you realize that all of our contact lenses are FDA accredited. However, when you buy colored touch lenses on-line, you may be shopping for them from a twelve-yr-old in China who has no idea what they're doing.

If you want to beautify or trade-up your appearance this year with colored contacts, keep away from shopping them online. With a proper eye exam and call lens becoming from Lewis Hamilton, you could avoid any eye ache or damage similarly down the line. To analyze extra or to agenda an eye appointment Dr. Lewis Hamilton these days!