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HPV in men does not always show symptoms but when genital warts are present they can appear in the penis or scrotum, for example. However the absence of these symptoms is not enough to say that the man does not have HPV because sometimes the disease does not present Hpv Symptoms that can be seen with the naked eye.

Even though the man does not show any symptoms with the naked eye, he can transmit the HPV virus to his partners through intimate contact and it is therefore recommended to use a condom during vaginal, anal or oral sex.

As in women, HPV in humans does not have a definitive cure because the virus is not always eliminated from the body. However it is possible to control the symptoms of infection through treatments indicated by a general practitioner or urologist.

Symptoms of HPV in man

The main symptom of HPV in man is the appearance of warts on the penis, scrotum, anus, mouth or throat; however, the Hpv Symptoms are rare and so many men do not know that they are infected with the virus. Thus, the best way to diagnose HPV in humans is through exams such as colposcopy performed by the urologist in a doctor's office.

Although the man can not see any wart in his genital region he is already able to pass the virus to other people during sexual contact.

Treatment for HPV in man

When there are symptoms it is important to treat HPV because this virus can favor the development of cancer of the penis, anus and throat. Treatment of HPV can be done with solutions indicated by the physician for approximately 2 years and generally includes the application of HPV ointments, such as Podofylline, prescribed by the urologist.

However, when a man discovers that he has the HPV virus on a routine examination the doctor may choose not to start treatment because sometimes HPV cures on its own, requiring no clinical treatment, but this does not happen in all people .

Human HPV vaccine

The HPV vaccine in man, sold commercially as Gardasil, protects against the onset of genital warts and anal cancer, and should be taken by individuals under the age of 26, even if they have already been infected with HPV, because it protects against various types of HPV. disease. Vaccination is especially indicated for men who have sex with men and for HIV-positive patients, but all men can take this vaccine.

How does man get HPV?

The man can get HPV through skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. In this way it is possible that transmission of HPV occurs through sexual intercourse without a condom or when the condom does not cover the area containing the warts. So when it is not possible to protect the affected region, the risk of transmission is very high and sexual abstinence should be recommended.