Attentions about ultrafine mill installation

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Dec 14 '17 | By Richard Mrax | Views: 1 | Comments: 0
We all know the importance of correct installation for ultrafine mill, so what problems should we pay more attention to during installation? Next, we will introduce several problems that may occur during the installation process. There are many factors we have to consider when installing ultrafine mill. We have to take a comprehensive aspects into consideration such as the environment, measure and control the foundation depth according to the geological conditions of the installing site, to ensure the ultrafine mill installed on a solid concrete base. At the same time, we should also consider some possible problems, that is, to leave enough buffering space for ultrafine mill. To avoid the finished products accumulating on the discharging gate during the production, so when casting the base, we should spare enough space at the bottom of the base for configuring and installing material transportation equipment like belt conveyor, to make sure the finished products can be rapidly transported to different production procedures to be reproduced. When adjusting the installation sites of the lubricating system and electrical control system, users can make a decision according to their production requirements and the whole installation space. But the installing order of electronic control system and lubricating system can’t be altered, in case of serious production accidents. Starting from the installation, we have been considering ultrafine mill's service life. Therefore, with regards to the factors that may affect its service life, we'd better pay more attention to them. For example, to prevent the casting base from damage, we usually add a guard board on the base to prolong the service life of the ultrafine mill base.
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