Applying ore milling equipment becomes the market trend

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Dec 13 '17 | By Richard Mrax | Views: 1 | Comments: 0
The quick lime powder materials catch our attention in recent years. After years scientific research, our company has developed the quicklime ore milling equipment and technology. The ore milling equipment is usually used to process materials difficult to transform like quicklime powder and non-ferrous metal powder. In actual operation, the quicklime ore milling equipment reaches the highest working efficiency and this feeding method can produce high strength ball products. The quicklime ore milling equipment not only adopts the automatic avoiding device which prevents the compression roller from being damaged, but also adopts spiral feeding device which can guarantee average feeding volume. Apart from the above features, our equipment also owns the following advantages: 1.The quicklime ore milling equipment greatly avoids the wasting of resources by adopting the abrasion-resistant alloy forging technology. 2.The bearing adopts the rolling mill bearing series. 3.The principal axis is forged by using the major diameter of 40cr steel and it can press dry quicklime powder. 4.The quicklime ore milling equipment has simple structure and short technological process. 5.It can produce ball-shaped products with complete shapes and high strength. 6.The steel board of this machine is sprayed with four painting layers which are water-proof, acid proof, pulverization and sun proof. This feature makes the machine durable in use. Our quick lime powder ore milling equipment has a very wide range of application. The application of the finished products has formed a large-scale market trend.
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