Advanced grinders and ore milling equipments for ore ore milling equipment

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Dec 2 '17 | By Richard Mrax | Views: 1 | Comments: 0
The ore grinding and classification are the most important processes for the ore ore milling equipment production line. Apart from the common grinding machines such as ore milling equipment and rod mill, there are also a lot of other types of grinders and ore milling equipments playing a core role in the ore ore milling equipment process. Today we will learn about these devices properties and features. 1. Vibrating ore milling equipment It is a new kind of mill working with high vibration frequency. The vibration can make cracks as well as high centralized stress to the ore milling equipment, so the vibrating ore milling equipment can realize the super fine grinding process high efficiently. Because the spring parts of the vibrating ore milling equipment are easy to be damaged, and its lining plate is easy to be worn, we need to use the small amplitude and feed too rough ore milling equipment. 2. Ejecting ore milling equipment This kind of grinder is a dry type mill which can realize the perfect combination of grinding, classifying and drying processes. It widely used in the chemical engineering and construction industries. The ejecting ore milling equipment adopts the high temperature compressed air or the overheating vapor as the medium. 3. Spiral ore milling equipment The spiral ore milling equipment is usually equipped with the wet type ore milling equipment to complete the grinding and classifying processes of the minerals. Its speculation is expressed by the unit of diameter. According to the number of the spiral, it can be divided to single spiral ore milling equipment and double spiral ore milling equipment. As for different skimming level, there are high weir ore milling equipment, immersed one and low weir one.
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